Candy tin boxes

Candy tin boxes  DVD box supplier or DVD box manufacturer made to look seriously at innovative design to make a difference.

A DVD box manufacturer has to look into the different designs and optimal sizes needed for keeping the different multiples of disks in order to continue in the DVD box wholesale game. The DVD box supplier has to use innovation to vary the designs in yet try to keep the price low in this highly competitive DVD box wholesale market. The different designs in the layering of the DVDs and how conveniently they can see easily taken out or seen from outside of the box differentiates between the competitors and the DVD box supplier. 
There is a usual standard for the size of the DVD box in which the height and width of a closed up case are generally fixed at 190mm and 135mm, respectively. A typical single-disc case works out to be around 15mm and the thickness may vary to accommodate more multiple discs or to require less shelf space and make it a slim fit.